Coming Soon/Grand Opening Postcards

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Spread the word about your Park's grand opening with fast and effective direct mail. Grand opening postcards should be ordered about six weeks prior to opening, so they will be ready to mail about two weeks prior to opening.

Choose from 3 grand opening postcard design options (A, B, or C). Any of these may be customized to your specifications. 

The 6.5" x 8" Option A postcard is a top choice. Its larger than the other two options, and its size qualifies it for the exceptionally low USPS Every Door Direct Mail postage rate which allows you to blanket specific zip codes or neighborhoods around your Park. 

The 4" x 6" Option B postcard is more conducive to a targeted mailing or first class mail. It has a mesh design and features a Grand Opening.

The 4" x 6" Option C postcard is also more conducive to a targeted mailing or first class mail. The design shows jumpers in action and features a Coming Soon announcement. 

If you would like to discuss your grand opening postcard strategy, contact the Corporate office or Cdesigns. Cdesigns can provide postage costs and handle the mailing for you.

All postcards are 14 pt gloss coated cover with full color on both sides.